What is Polymachine?



The short version

Polymachine is the successor, or rather an evolution, of Studio Niskota, an architectural visualization company from Zagreb, Croatia. Since the beginning of 2018. we have been working hard to transform and transition our previous company to what is now Polymachine. Studio Niskota, which has since stopped operating, was largely focused on the local, Croatian market, but as our skills and experience developed, we saw a potential to grow and take the company a step further. Polymachine is not just a re-brand and a redesign, though.

We have moved to a new office, significantly expanded our hardware capabilities, and we’re expanding our team. While the original values and ideas are the same – attention to detail, out-of-the-box thinking and, ultimately, client satisfaction, we are also looking to expand to markets beyond architecture, and deliver products of even higher quality than before. We’ll also do our best to keep this blog section updated with interesting news, tutorials and various CG resources, so remember to come back every now and then.

The long version

Several years ago, we (Dean Niskota and Hrvoje Čop) joined forces in what was Studio Niskota. As projects came and went, we realized that a non-traditional (for arch-viz, that is) all-3D no-postwork workflow suited us really well, and that same workflow was then honed and perfected to the point where it enabled a tiny studio with three artists to deliver more than 400 images in 2017. Simplified to average numbers, that means an image was made every 5 working hours. While in reality it doesn’t quite work exactly like that, it is still an impressive number. For a long time we wondered what the next step was? Where could we take this small company of ours? We weren’t really sure.

What we did know is that we wanted to grow, and that there was still a lot of untapped potential. Somewhere around this point Martin Ferić, an international businessman and one of our long time business partners, stepped in and told us ‘Guys… Let’s do something great together!’ And then there were three, and the rest is history, as they say.

And so, Martin joined us and brought to the table not only vast business experience and fresh ideas, but helped craft a vision for the future. Fast forward just a month or so after the idea was first mentioned, and together the three of us founded Polymachine. While still in its infancy it’s already been quite a crazy ride.

We set out to find a new office (or Polymachine HQ, as we like to call it) and find one we did. To us it’s not ‘just’ an office, though. In creative industries it’s quite often we spend most of our time in our studios, so we wanted to make it into an inspiring place, with a positive vibe. Somewhere where we can do our work, relax, be creative and have fun. We feel like we succeeded in that intention, but here’s some photos so you can be the judge of that yourself.

When all of that was set up, we were in for a long and complicated adventure of setting up the hardware, the website on which you’re now reading this, and lots of other stuff. The fact that you are reading this means we have successfully completed those tasks. Right now we are working towards updating our social media channels, and we’re already underway with the first projects coming in.

We also had the honor of being invited to speak at Chaos Group’s first annual TotalChaos event which happened a week ago, and those attending our talk were the first ones to hear this news. It’s not everyday you get to announce a new company on such an amazing event, so needless to say, last week was especially exciting! Once again we’d like to thank Chaos Group for the invite, and all the people who came to listen to our talk.

And that’s it for this update. Lots more to come in the near future. ?

Photos (c) Sanja Jagatić